Optical & Mechanical Components

Explore our range of photonics, softwares and acessories.

Optical Lenses

We offer a complete series of optical components covering optical lenses, optical filter, optical mirror, optical attenuator, polarising optics, femosecond optics, ThZ optics,  lens kit. We can offer both standard and customised optics. Special size, dimension, substrates and coatings can be discussed.

Imaging Optics

We provide wide selection of imaging optics to optimize the performance of your imaging system that includes Objective, Telecentric lenses, fixed and zoom focal lenses, cameras, illumination, filters and microscopy lenses.

Laser Modulation & Pocket Cells

Electro-optical modulators are divided into modulators (for applications outside of the laser cavity) and Pockels cells (for applications within the laser cavity). We offer a large selection of crystals for a variety of applications, apertures and laser powers, covering the entire wavelength range from 250 nm to 3 μm. 


  • Best possible extinction ratio for each crystal
  • High transmission
  • Patented isolation system minimizes piezoelectric oscillation for exceptionally precise switching operations

In addition we offer fast and high-performance high-voltage drivers.

Opto Mechanical

We offer a wide range of precision opto-mechanics components that includes:


  • optical holder/mounting
  • bracket and rails
  • base mount and accessories
  • interface plate
  • magnetic base
  • posts and post holder


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